Company News - 2 February 2016

AMTD Group enters into several strategic cooperation agreements with 5 subsidiaries of China Minsheng Investment Corp., Ltd.

On 30 January 2016, AMTD Group formally signed long-term strategic agreements with five CMI subsidiaries: China Minsheng New Energy Investment Co., Ltd., Zhongmin International Jet Co., Ltd., China Minsheng Property Corp., Ltd. CM International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and CM International Holding Pte. Ltd. AMTD Group will be acting as their preferred strategic partner and intermediary of capital market arrangement in both PRC and overseas market, offering unique solutions for each of them, and providing flexible and customized funding strategies and capital plans as a long-term financial advisor. In additional, AMTD will exploit opportunities on Internet industry by seizing specific characteristics and demand of CMI subsidiaries.

AMTD Group, a leading capital markets & advisory, assets management and insurance brokerage platform whose headquarter is located in Hong Kong with a business focus in Asia, will further leverage resources from private sectors and facilitate the strategic partners to link up the capital between PRC and overseas markets.