Company News - 8/15/2023

Calvin Choi - Talk with GBA Homeland Youth Community Foundation

 Exclusive Interview by GBA Homeland Youth Foundation

Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation (GBA Homeland Youth Foundation) has conducted an exclusive interview to Dr. Calvin Choi, Chairman of AMTD Group and the Vice Chairman of the GBA Youth Foundation, to explore the development of Hong Kong in respect of Arts, Culture, FinTech and more, as well as the opportunities provided to the young generation.

GBA Homeland Youth Foundation is a charitable organization jointly established by Hong Kong based state-owned enterprises, large chinese enterprises, and Hong Kong conglomerates. It aims to leverage the enormous growth opportunities made possible by the Greater Bay Area concept. Guided by its mission of "For Our Youth, For Our Future", the Foundation is a joint effort by young leaders from all walks of life to support Hong Kong youths in their studies, careers, and entrepreneurship. Taking education and training as our focus, we hope our work will enable young people to gain a better understanding of the region's business environment and culture that is conducive to their personal and professional growth. Dr. Calvin Choi is serving as the Vice Chairman of the Foundation for his second term since establishment of the Foundation. 


In its 14th Five-Year Plan, the Central Government has indicated its support for Hong Kong's development into an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange and a global financial centre.

For this issue of Linkage, we interviewed Dr Calvin Choi, the vice chairman of our Foundation. In addition to his role as Chairman of AMTD Group overseeing businesses in financial services, hospitality and education, Calvin is also leading the development of arts and culture, in line with our country’s overall development. During the interview, he shared his insights on achieving success in these businesses and offered valuable advice to young people.

Opening the Door to

International Arts

Hong Kong’s unique blend of Chinese and Western cultures has led to the emergence of a large pool of talented individuals. What’s more, the city has recently seen the opening of several world-class cultural and artistic facilities, such as the M+ Museum and Hong Kong Palace Museum.

Calvin’s role can be best described as the promoter of cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world. To showcase Chinese culture on the international stage, he has acquired the hundred-year-old and iconic French art magazine “L’OFFICIEL” and renowned global art platform “Art Newspaper”. Through these world-class publications, Calvin is helping to showcase Chinese talents in the world stage and promoting the soft power of Chinese culture. Although there are many outstanding and innovative artists in China including Hong Kong, but yet there are no readily available global platform or media channel for them to publish their talents. The acquisition of these two global renowned media platforms would
provide them with opportunities to exhibit their work, enter the international market and share our Chinese culture on the global stage.

Enhancing Diversified Financial


Hong Kong has long been a prominent player in the international financial market. Having developed a strong infrastructure for finance and banking, the next step is to cultivate new talents. According to Calvin, many job seekers in the financial sector are specialists in either finance or technology, but not both. In line with the rapid development of fintech, he advises young people not to limit themselves to one specialisation but rather seek learning experiences in both. In addition to building a solid foundation in these areas, Calvin stresses the importance of continually gaining new knowledge and keeping up with the latest trends. Once a strong knowledge foundation is established, young people can creatively think beyond the boundaries, and explore cross-sector collaboration.

The Keys to Success for Young People

As a first-generation entrepreneur born and raised in Hong Kong, Calvin attributes his success to three essential qualities that he calls the three Ps: Preparation, Perseverance, and Perfection. 

The first quality for success, Preparation, is about opportunities that are more readily captured by those who are prepared. This is why young people need to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to seize unexpected opportunities.

The second quality, Perseverance, refers to young people having the determination to pursue their goals. When they start their entrepreneurship journey or begin a new career in the workplace, the ability to persevere and maintain a positive attitude is crucial for success. This attitude is one that should be shared among teammates.

The last “P” is Perfection. To distinguish oneself from competitors, one must have the mentality of pursuing perfection, completing tasks and missions to the best of their ability while paying attention to detail.

GBA Development Depends on

Collaboration amongst Multi-parties

As one of the key cities in the GBA, Hong Kong plays a vital role in its development. Calvin believes that education is essential for cultivating talent in the region. Therefore he would like to introduce reputable foreign educational institutions to the GBA to provide young people with international perspectives and improve their skills based on the diverse development needs of the region.