Company News - 9/9/2023

Celebrating the 2023 Graduation Class of Charterhouse Malaysia

It’s a special time on campus, as we celebrate the accomplishment students of Class 2023 have achieved upon their successful graduation from Charterhouse Malaysia, under Charterhouse Asia.

We would like to sincerely congratulate on every graduate's well-deserved success and wish them all the luck in future!

AMTD Education, the education arm of AMTD Group, has been committed to promoting the development of premium learning experience and the cultivation of young talents, partnering with top universities and educational institutions around the world to provide diversified degree and/or certificate programme and professional training from primary school to postdoctoral programmes.

Among these, AMTD Education, as one of the founding shareholders of Charterhouse Asia, partnering with Charterhouse UK, being an over 400 years historic private school, targets to open more campuses across Asia, combing the strengths of long history of heritage and contemporary approaches towards education.