Company News - 20/9/2023

Jay Chou Featured on L'OFFICIEL Global Covers

The King of Mandopop, Jay Chou, takes center stage on L'OFFICIEL's global covers!

Last year, Chou had the most album sales worldwide, even topping BTS and Taylor Swift. But how does one speak to such a vast and avid fan base spread across the globe? How does one truly resonate with a diverse audience spanning continents? Chou eloquently shares, "I believe that music and dance are languages which are recognized universally." Which is why he is using his talents to introduce his fans to his other passion: Art. As an art collector, Chou curated the preview exhibition of Art Colure with Artistes by ENVISEAM, in collaboration with L'OFFICIEL ART. As a creator, he seamlessly weaves iconic inspirations from legends like Henri Matisse and Salvador Dali into his mesmerizing music videos - a confluence of music and art, uniquely Jay Chou.

On the set of Chou's cover shoot in Taipei, L'OFFICIEL Global Chairman Dr. Calvin Choi spoke with Jay Chou about how he is using his platform to open up the world of fine art for his fans and make it more accessible to everyone.

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