Longling Capital

In 2017, AMTD successfully introduced Longling Capital as strategic investors, further probing cooperation opportunities in area of innovation economy by leveraging strength and resources in such area from both parties.

Longling Capital is the equity investment institution founded by the famous angel investor Cai Wensheng, which aims to help more innovations and start-ups, and provide strong support for the innovation entrepreneurs of science and technology.

Longling Capital mainly focuses on the Internet and TMT industry, involves in investment stages as follows: Seed, Angel and Pre-A Pre-B, as well as Pre-IPO round with clear withdrawal plan or matured project.

Today, Longling Capital has become the cradle of entrepreneurs by providing a comprehensive range of support. It not only helps the smooth start and rapid growth of the start-up companies, also helps to create a batch of valuable and potential products, and fosters a number of innovative talents and high-tech enterprises.