Company News - 06/09/2021

Important Notice

Recently, AMTD Group (“AMTD” or “the Group”) noted that there are fraudsters who distributed false information through multimedia without our express permission or consent. These fraudulent efforts included unauthorized use of our name, logo and quotes purportedly made by the Group’s representatives; fabricated the names of our staff; and fabricated a photo in which our representatives appear (Please refer to the attached pictures below for specific example). The fraudsters further mentioned that AMTD took part in the launch of an investment platform or product in Hong Kong, China or overseas, and distributed these products through online and offline channels. AMTD wishes to make it clear that AMTD Group or any of its subsidiaries has never made any investment in Intelligent Woodpecker nor any of its related entities, and we are not aware of such company, and we have never engaged in any collaboration or cooperation discussion with Intelligent Woodpecker. AMTD has never authorized nor entrusted any such fraudsters to carry out any form of sales activity. AMTD Group’s Chairman has not made any statement or comment regarding Intelligent Woodpecker, nor is there any staff in AMTD or any of its subsidiary named Zhang Jiayong (“张嘉勇”).

AMTD Group strongly condemns this scam and has taken legal action to pursue these fraudsters. In the meantime, we remind investors to be careful and be extremely alert in any such scam. The AMTD Group will not be liable for any loss caused by any person who rely on any such falsified information.