Company News - 09/20/2021

AMTD Charity | AMTD gave out 1888 hotel nights to Fully Vaccinated Residents

AMTD Group, together with its charity arm AMTD Charity Foundation, are pleased to announce that in response to the Government's vaccination programme and to encourage all Hong Kong residents to be vaccinated, AMTD has sponsored "Hong Kong We Can Do It!" lucky draw in partnership with the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC), together with leading homegrown HK Inc companies, offering the chance to win prizes worth over HK$43 million.

Dr. Calvin Choi, Chairman of AMTD Group and Founder of AMTD Charity Foundation, says, "AMTD fully supports the efforts of all people in Hong Kong to increase vaccination rates, and I call on everyone to make concerted efforts to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, especially for those groups such as the elderly that need concerted efforts to boost vaccination rates."

Dr. Timothy Tong, BBS, JP (left), CEO of AMTD Charity Foundation, representing AMTD received the certificate of appreciation from Mr. Peter Wong, Chairman of HKGCC (right)

Dr. Timothy Tong (left), Mr. George Leung (centre), CEO of HKGCC, and Mr. Yat-kin Sin, SBS, CSDSM, JP (right), Vice Chairman of AMTD Group

Dr. Timothy Tong, CEO of AMTD Charity Foundation, and Mr. Yat-kin Sin, Vice Chairman of AMTD Group, represented AMTD to attend the launch ceremony for this lucky draw campaign, hosted by HKGCC Chairman Peter Wong, and CEO George Leung.

Dr. Timothy Tong said, "We are already seeing an uptake in vaccination rate since the announcement of this and many other campaigns, which is encouraging. AMTD Charity Foundation will continue to provide its full support to this campaign, contributing to the fight against COVID-19."

Mr. Yat-kin Sin added, "This is a very meaningful initiative and we at AMTD are grateful to partner with HKGCC and HK Inc to support Hong Kong's fights against the COVID-19 pandemic, encouraging more people to become vaccinated."

Recently, AMTD was invited by HKGCC to host the 5th round of lucky draw.

Dr. Timothy Tong (left) and Mr. Yat-kin Sin (right) represented AMTD to host the 5th round of lucky draw

All eligible participants must be Hong Kong residents holding a valid Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card (‘Permanent Resident’) aged 18 or above, and have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine in Hong Kong, while those who have already received both doses before today’s announcement are also eligible. For more information, please visit

Potential applicants are advised to seek medical advice before vaccination, and when ready, book in for their COVID-19 vaccine via the Government’s website at

The lucky draw Kong General Chamber of Commerce, and the Trade Promotion Competition Licence Numbers are 54449, 54450, 54466, 54467.