Company News - 15 April 2016

C Cheng Holding Ltd. successfully completes the allotment of new shares and introduces new strategic shareholders by AMTD, to lay a solid foundation for the further development of the strategy of “One Belt One Road” and “Xiong'an New District”

On March 31, 2017, AMTD acting as the sole financial advisor and lead placement agency, assisted C Cheng Holding Co., Ltd. (1486.HK, “C Cheng” or “the Company”) in successfully completing the allotment of new shares of approximately HK$160mm and introducing new strategic shareholders - Beijing Design Group Co., Ltd. ("Beijing Design Group"). Beijing Design Group has invested in the price of HK$1.99 per share to subscribe for new shares issued by C Cheng. After the subscription, Beijing Design Group will hold 28.83% of the share of C Cheng. Beijing Design Group is indirectly wholly-owned by Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited. (“Beijing Enterprises Group”), which is a state-owned enterprise under the People’s Government of Beijing, is a leading large in scale comprehensive holding company in China, covering urban infrastructure, city services, manufacturing of high-end and fast-disposal products, and diversified businesses such as big data analysis and smart city construction.

The successful introduction of this new strategic shareholder will help C Cheng on promoting the "technology + capital" strategy, creating a synergy effect, and further enhancing the company's overall market competitiveness. In the future, C Cheng and Beijing Design Group will fully cooperate in the aspects of architectural design projects, management development, integration of resource, professional talents exchanges and cooperation, and business development in domestic and overseas; In addition, C Cheng will also focus on the opportunities bought by “One Belt One Road” and “Xiong'an New District”. Relying on the extensive technical strengths and supports from Beijing Design Group, especially the rapid development of the Xiong'an New District. To broaden the scope of cooperation between the two parties and strive to achieve a sustained win-win partnership.

Acting as the sole financial advisor and lead placement agency in this transaction, AMTD fully demonstrated its strong and efficient all-rounded execution capability in the equity market and acquisitions field. In the overall planning, negotiation and implementation process of the placing and the introduction of the new strategic shareholders, AMTD is always escorting the company and leading it to create the most favourable plan, which ultimately led to the successful closing of the transaction.

About C Cheng

C Cheng Holding Co., Ltd(1486.HK), is a comprehensive architectural design service supplier in Hong Kong and China specializing in architectural design, landscape design, urban planning, interior design and heritage conservation. C Cheng’s business covers a wide range in Greater China and has established offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenyang. C Cheng is also well recognized by the market and has obtained the first group of consultants from the AACSB in Hong Kong and Class A qualifications in China.

About Beijing Design Group

Beijing Design Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing General Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. It was established in 1955 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited. Beijing Design Group has a Class A qualification for engineering design. It is a technological innovation enterprise that provides comprehensive services for the entire process of engineering construction projects. It is one of the most powerful municipal engineering design research institutions in the country. Beijing Design Group's professional design and research in the business areas such urban road system, highway system, urban rail transit system, rapid public transportation system, integrated transportation hub, urban water supply system, urban drainage system, reclaimed water system, solid waste treatment system, river improvement, architecture and urban landscape, comprehensive development and utilization of urban underground space, integrated pipe corridors, and sponge cities have first-rate comprehensive strength.

About Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited

Beijing Enterprises Group was established in January 2005. It was formed on the basis of the joint restructuring of Beijing Holdings Limited, Beijing Enterprises Group and Beijing Gas Blue Sky Holdings. Beijing Enterprises Group adheres to the previous development and builds a business ecosystem that serves the cities together with the government. In 2016, Beijing Enterprises Group ranked 194th among “Fortune 500”. Among the Fortune 500 companies listed by Fortune Magazine, a number of companies owned by Beijing Enterprises Group are listed, including Beijing Enterprises Holdings, China Gas Hold, Yanjing Beer and Beijing Enterprises Water. Beijing Enterprises Group is one of the two pilots of Beijing State-owned Capital Operation and Management Center. Beijing Enterprises Group actively expands its business in Beijing and foreign markets. Its business scope covers nearly 400 cities across the country and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and extends to Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asia. Beijing Enterprises Group has become a state-owned holding group with both domestic and foreign markets and has 10 listed companies with a total market value of nearly RMB$200bm, including 8 Hong Kong-listed companies. Beijing Enterprises Group focuses on the market of Beijing and overseas. The business covers four strategic business groups including urban infrastructure, urban services, high-end manufacturing and big data smart cities.