Company News - 01 May 2018

Mr. Calvin Choi speaks at the 2018 Capital Markets Forum for Listed Companies – AMTD will contribute to the innovation and development of Hong Kong

On April 27th, “2018 Capital Markets Forum for Listed Companies” was held in Hong Kong. The forum was jointly hosted by the Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies (CHKLC), Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) and AMTD Group. Mr. Paul Chan Mo-po, GBS, MH, JP, Financial Secretary of HKSAR delivered the keynote speech of the forum. Mr. Charles Li, Chief Executive of HKEX, delivered luncheon keynote speech. Mr. Francis Leung, chairman of Global Advisory Committee of AMTD Group and Chairman of CHKLC delivered opening remarks. Mr. Calvin Choi, Chairman and president of AMTD Group and vice chairman of Hong Kong Federation of Professions, addressed the Forum.

Dear Honourable Secretary Chan, Chairman Leung, distinguished guests, ladies, and gentlemen,

Good Morning!

I am Calvin Choi, chairman and president of AMTD Group. Today, I am very pleased to gather with all of you to exchange knowledge and discuss opinions on the reform and future development of Hong Kong’s capital markets. On behalf of CHKLC and AMTD Group, the hosts of the present event, I would like to extend to you a most hearty welcome and gratitude.

The strengths of Hong Kong cater to the needs of China. Hong Kong is the global financial centre of Asia and of our country as well. It boasts the advantage of “One country, two systems”, a free and open market, robust rule of law, a financial system well-integrated with international codes, mature capital markets, and superior information technology. As the most internationalized metropolis in China, Hong Kong has always played the role of “super-connector” to connect Mainland with international markets and promising Mainland enterprises with international institutional investors. Hong Kong people are keen to contribute to the “One Belt One Road” proposal, the future development of the Greater Bay Area and the innovation and development of China’s new economy in the new era.

Recently, HKEX officially put forward the consultation conclusions on a listing regime for companies from emerging and innovative sectors. This is the most major reform on the listing regime in Hong Kong, ushering in a new era, a new economy of Hong Kong’s capital markets and new energy for development. Continuous innovation and keeping up with times is the core of Hong Kong’s spirit and the cornerstone of the long-term development of Hong Kong’s capital markets. We believe the best of Hong Kong is yet to come!

AMTD Group is a Hong Kong-based comprehensive financial institution and investment bank managed and led by local financial professionals. AMTD has always been dedicating to serving and connecting the markets across Hong Kong, Mainland and international markets with the keen belief that we will contribute to the innovation and development of Hong Kong’s capital markets. We have led many promising enterprises to go listed and helped them to establish the business in Hong Kong and to pursue their global future as well. We have been committed to technological and research development in Hong Kong. AMTD has worked with Hong Kong PolyU to establish the first in Hong Kong industry-academic FinTech Academy “AMTD FinTech Centre of PolyU Faculty of Business” and University of Waterloo, most innovative university in Canada and North America to establish “University of Waterloo-AMTD Innovation Hub” in the prime location in Central. The vision of AMTD, together with my ambition, is to become a Hong Kong-based global investment bank with our constant efforts and to join hands with all friends, the industry, the regulators and market practitioners to make achievements for the innovation and development of Hong Kong’s capital markets and to contribute to the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

On behalf of the event host, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all guests and friends present. I believe that today’s forum will be a platform where everyone’s experience and wisdom collide with each other and contribute more and better ideas on innovation for the sustainable development of Hong Kong’s capital markets.

I wish a complete success of the Forum. Thank you!