The Regional Banks + Strategic Cooperation Alliance is a financial cooperation and communication platform as well as economic and social organization initiated by AMTD Group, a leading comprehensive financial institution in Asia, and jointly established by four leading regional banks of China including Bank of Qingdao, Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank, Jiangxi Bank and Zhongyuan Bank (arranged in alphabetical order). Rooted in China and embracing openness as well as inclusiveness, the Alliance includes major Chinese regional banks (including city commercial banks and rural commercial banks) and other strategically cooperated financial institutions and welcomes other similar global institutions and partners to join hands . The purpose of the Alliance is “Mutual Cooperation, Synergic Team-up, Innovated Developments”. Under the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations as well as economic and financial policies, the Alliance operates with the principle of “Leading Innovation, Reciprocity, Fairness, Openness, and Independence”, empowers the traditional financial business to be promoted by fintech, develops the new model of fintech, smart finance, inclusive finance and green finance, as well as promotes the international innovation development and corporation models of the Alliance members




Connect international capital markets, promote mutual assistance and interconnection, and make full use of Hong Kong capital markets to promote all-round developments; Embrace innovative financial technology, promote smart cities and inclusive finance, and make full use of innovative technologies to promote the transformation and development of banks; Enhance international strategies, develop together and make use of Hong Kong’s position as international financial center to build international brands; Create a financial research think tank, aggregate resources intelligence and data as well as share research results on reginal economic and financial “hot topics” ; Set up an Alliance’s exchange platform to promote business communication as well as talent training and build multi-channel win-win cooperation opportunities for the Alliance members



Alliance Members

(Arranged by the first letter of the members)

Airstar Bank

Airstar Bank is one of the first eight licensed virtual banks in Hong Kong, established jointly by AMTD Group and Xiaomi Corporation



AMTD Group is a leading fully-licensed comprehensive financial institution in Asia, and one of the largest Hong Kong-based non-bank financial institution groups with services coverage across the world


Bank of Qingdao

Bank of Qingdao is the largest city commercial bank in Shandong Province. Its distribution network expands across Shandong Province with Qingdao as its base


East West Bank

East West Bank is the largest independent bank headquartered in Southern California, United States, ranked amongst the top 30 banks in America, primarily focusing on the United States and Greater China markets


Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank

Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank is the largest rural commercial bank in Guangdong Province. The Bank ranked 3rd among rural commercial banks in China


Jiangxi Bank

Jiangxi Bank is the largest city commercial bank and the only provincial city commercial bank in Jiangxi Province


Zhongyuan Bank

Zhongyuan Bank is the largest city commercial bank and the only city commercial bank directly administered by the provincial government in Henan Province